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The world was expecting this eventful year to end with the release of Bobby Shmurda and his partner in grind Rowdy Rebel. But it looks like the GS9 rappers will be carrying out their entire seven-year sentence.

TMZ reported his parole hearing was denied last month because he got “multiple violations” while in prison including fighting, drug possession, and allegedly having a shank.

The tabloid got their hands on the transcript and it details exactly how the Brooklyn rapper plans to re-enter society as a “changed” man.


Bobby told the parole board that he plans to continue his music career and use his platform to develop outreach programs for at-risk youths. He also wants to get his G.E.D. and he has a little over a year to study because he’s most likely getting released on December 11, 2021, when his seven-year bid comes to an end.

Bobby Shmurda argued that he’s too grown to be fighting and considers himself as a leader now. He claims the reason he got into a lot of trouble when he was younger was that he didn’t want to seem like a punk.

The board wasn’t buying his whole “I’ve changed” spiel and unfortunately, they’re keeping him until the scheduled time.