Saweetie has partnered with Jack Daniel’s Flavors for the “Flavors of Fall” campaign. The partnership will give fans access to new music through the live stream series, which will provide a preview of her new single “Back to the Streets.”

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During the livestream, Saweetie and Jack Daniel’s U.S. brand Ambassador Erick “ET” Tecosky will make her signature Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey cocktail, “Saweet & Sour,” along with hosting a trivia game and Q&A with fans.

“I’m so excited for my fans to hear a special sneak preview of my upcoming new track, ‘Back to the Streets’! Shout out to Jack Daniel’s, my favorite whiskey brand, for allowing me to share my single in a special way and for helping me make a delicious custom cocktail!” said Saweetie.


Ahead of the live stream, Saweetie spoke with The Source on her collaboration, her forthcoming single “Back to the Streets,” a new album, and more.

Fans can access Saweetie’s livestream on Thursday, October 22nd , on her Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

You are partnering with Jack Danie’ls for the Flavors of Fall campaign. What goes into your perfect mix for this season?

Saweetie: Saweet & Sour. That’s my favorite cocktail. I just like neat sometimes, but if I’m having a drink and if it’s a perfect one, I think the Saweet & Sour is the best one.


We’re getting ready for your single “Back to the Streets.” What can we expect that is similar or different from what we heard from you on “My Type” or “Tap In”?

Honestly, I feel like it’s different from everything that’s out there right now, including my songs, which makes it so exciting for me. Because as an artist, I feel like it’s important to be innovative, not just for myself but for the fans, so I didn’t want to give them something that they’re hearing all over the internet all over the radio. So it’s definitely a nice, fun, melodic vibe.

You have an upcoming live stream to give a preview of that single. What are you most excited about with that experience?

I have my cute little cocktail and I love that my fans can kind of enjoy that moment for me. And for those who don’t know, they can check out my Instagram for more details on how they can enjoy those and then party.

You mentioned your fans, some were introduced to you at High Maintenance, some others have been more recent. What can you say about your growth as an artist throughout that time?

I could say that I’m interacting with them more. I feel like earlier as an artist, I’d kind of just post and disappear because social media would give me anxiety, but the more that I interact, the more I get to know my fans and it’s crazy cause I feel like they’re all subdivisions of my personality to an extreme point. So I think it’s funny because sometimes they talk like me. Sometimes they dress like me. Sometimes they act like me. I feel like it’s more of a sisterhood or like a brotherhood because like they really relate to me on a personal level. And I think that’s, that’s such a great feeling.

We have releases from you in the form of an EP, but now we’re getting ready for an album. What does that process like for you and what challenges have you faced in making that album?

I feel like it’s definitely different. It’s more intense. There’s definitely, at least for me, I feel like I’m touching on all areas of me as a woman, whether that’s being the boss up woman, whether that’s me being the loving woman or even a heartbreak girl. So I feel like there’s all these different emotions that I go through in daily life and other people also experience. I feel like that can be found throughout the album.

Without spoiling anything. Is there any songs or moments that you just think fans would specifically like instantly love or like gravitate to?

I think “Top Grade.” You never know what, what the people are going to choose, but it definitely just reminds me of car rap, Saweetie, but like at a higher level. It’s just straight bars and I love it. So I think definitely “Top Grade.”

We are in this whole pandemic experience and in the age of virtual events. You can’t really get around to see fans and perform in front of crowds right now. Is it kind of hard creating music, knowing that you don’t get that instant I’m out on the stage crowd interaction?

Yes and no. I look at the positives and the positive with that is I’ll just have so much music ready to go for either touring or festival season. So I feel like they’ll be able to live with it. And then finally, when we all get outside, they’re just going to go crazy and erupt. So I think that is, it is definitely going to be a moment for when you know, it’s nice and healthy outside.

What has been the experience been like for you now that going off in a season where women are running hip hop and what would you like to see more coming from women in the forthcoming years?

The fact that I’m participating in such an uproar of women winning, it just feels great to be a part of that innovation of women in music. And I’d like to see women continue doing nice shit and just get bigger and bigger with the songs and the visuals. I feel like there’s no stopping us and there’s many more creative collaborations that are up next.