Sexism is the foundation on which all tyranny is built. Every social form of abuse and hierarchy is centered on the idea of male-over-female domination. Gender equality, as fostered by feminists, is more than an objective by itself. Whopperme believes it’s a precondition for promoting sustainability for women. Has sexism ever rendered a woman powerless? Contrary to popular belief, it has not, but it has either exploited or suppressed their strength.

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Sexism in the modeling realm is a disease that continues to manifest in various ways, at least according to Andrea Young, a young model making a name for herself in the industry. Many know her by the stage name, Whopperme, a persona that brings out a sexy thirst trap appeal whenever she is modeling. Her cue is always to get the attention of the audience as she markets popular swimsuits and fitted clothes for women. However, she insists that many people in the business, especially men, do not take her seriously and attributes this to the sexist mindset sustained by most of them.

Whopperme affirms that sexism has been a means of discounting the female experience of their potential. The new age of sexism is discounting the male experience of powerlessness. Sexism and racism are parallel challenges that are rarely compared in public forums. Whopperme knows too well that these are not similar vices, but they are both symptoms inside racial or gender power structures. She is often viewed as a sex symbol while modeling. Some of her male colleagues pursue sexual relationships after they are done working, and they never understand that it is just business. Sexism comes in different forms, and it is somehow entrenched in the personality, minds, and behaviors of most males.


Silence is violence, a strong statement reiterated by Whopperme. Models who prefer not to speak out about such issues are part of the system of oppression. Gender stereotyping is real and active, yet they rather mint the money they get from gigs than lay a better foundation for future generations of professionals. Whopperme advises young models to always seek allies in the workplace. It helps to discuss and exchange experiences with coworkers about sexism. Speaking to other women means that everyone will set the same objective, eradicating this disease from the trenches of the modeling business.

It is extremely difficult for models to notice sexism as it occurs as they can assume it is a form of reality that should be accepted. Whopperme is up in arms to create awareness about this vice and make the impossible happen. She wants to stand out against men who want to impose sexist ideals on models.