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Sierra Leonean American artist Laik drops debut EP Wanted. Following the release of single, “Stuck Inside,” Laik returns with his first full fledged, 5-track debut recorded entirely in Maryland at Dafidi TMC, mixed and mastered by Wale Afolabi. Solely produced by BunieTheFirstWanted boasts two features including Javada on track 2’s “Fairy Tale,” and Tobby Drillz on track 4’s “Suga Lova.” After creating the title track, “Wantin” Laik instantly knew it was project-worthy. The title “Wanted,” however, is inspired by track 3’s “Gimme Dat,” in which Laik sings, “I got something she gonn’ want.” Laik’s goal was to create a project that women want to listen to and can enjoy despite facing quarantine. This upbeat fusion of Dancehall, R&B and Afrobeats was designed to help transcend women from the boredom of their homes to the excitement of the dancefloor, “I want women to be able to dance to the project and feel like they’re not stuck inside,” says Laik.

Gimme Dat” was the last track Laik recorded for the project and geared it towards women. Laik shows off his charisma and confidence in this upbeat yet seductive track. During production BunieTheFirst immediately recognized this as a standout and convinced Laik to swap the original beat out with one of his own. BunieTheFirst promised to create a better track and did just that with a new and improved beat and some fine tuning.

Fairy Tale” was recorded after Laik’s return to Maryland from Dallas. The song is a love letter to the woman he met while traveling. Laik wanted to “make a song she would listen to faithfully and could feel us in.” In this love letter Laik conveys “that no matter if we end up being together or not I’m still gonna always be there for her.”