Making their Source debut is the two-man production team by the name of Yellow Trash Can. Made up of multi-instrumentalist Jason Navarrete and Sony songwriter Jitta On The Track, these two first connected when they were hired for a gig to produce music and print merchandise for the original “Yellow Trash Can.” The company bearing the now duo’s band name tried to run off with their music and leave them with over $5,000 dollars worth of clothing and 8 unfinished records without paying the amount promised.

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Turning a slight tragedy into a moment of clarity, these two young musicians have already caused an online stir between legendary skateboarders Tony Hawk and Bam Margera over their debut single “Populated,” and now have landed their first major label placement with BlocBoy JB’s “Carlton.” Appearing on BlocBoy’s new album “Fatboy,” Yellow Trash Can deliver and hard-hitting, simple yet catchy piano melody to lead the way on “Carlton” and leave plenty of room for JB to swag out over the production. With help from a slight viral moment of “Carlton” debuting on BlocBoy JB’s Triller, this song has quickly become a fan favorite from BlocBoy JB’s new album.

Yellow Trash Can recently linked up with 808 Mafia Producer Purp and opened a recording studio in North Hollywood to not only produce more hits for themselves but also assist other talented and up and coming artists with their vision. With just their first major placement after being together for less than a year, we’re expecting big things from Jason Navarrete and Jitta On The Track aka Yellow Trash Can. 


Stream “Carlton” below and follow Yellow Trash Can on Twitter and Instagram.