Killer Mike hit MSNBC to speak with anchor Stephanie Ruhle and highlighted his new digital bank for Latinx and Black customers, systemic racism, and more.

Speaking on the Greenwood initiative, Killer Mike highlighted how financials are imperative for minority groups.

“There have been many tragic stains on American history in relation to the group of people called Blacks in America. And this is one of them that I think is curable and fixable,” Mike said.

“The way that we can make up for this blight right now is individually getting financially responsible, financially literate but as a community organizing our dollars to be the tip of the spear so that we may now have a banking institution that allows for things like car loans, home loans and will graduate to things like small and medium business loans to incentivize, to give capital to businesses that are showing promise and that can grow.”

Killer Mike added “you can’t have social justice without social equality… I believe part of social justice is making sure economic justice happens.”