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“The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.” —William James

What do you want to be known for when you leave the face of the earth? There is a rich profusion of possibilities but pushing yourself above and beyond your boundaries is not something many people are capable of. Most people go for paths that promise them career security and reliability. There are some people who live with the drive to start something that will help them leave behind their footprints, a legacy. These people wish that even after they depart from the world, their beliefs, accomplishments, and philosophies may live. 

One does not need to have ‘everything figured out’ from the beginning. Sometimes people need to experience something to know whether it is meant for them or not. The thought of taking a risk in a career or, make a career change is a paralyzing thought for most people in the world. Overcoming the fears and fueling one’s desire to leave behind a legacy is an inherent characteristic that people often ignore. 


To many, leaving behind a mark is related to the financial status, but it is working towards a specific cause for some. Mazayah Legend Andrews, born on October 14, 1984, belongs to the latter part of the lot. Starting with his football career, Mazayah had different goals in life. As he went forward with this life, there was a shift in his thought process as well as priorities. This made him take a leap of faith and step into the world of entrepreneurship. 


Mazayah Andrews, a 34-year-old self-made millionaire, started his career as a footballer. Holding immense passion and zeal for the sport helped him take his place in the team. In 2005, he received the title of ‘Player of the Year.’ The thing to note here is that a career in sports, especially football, is fragile and can end abruptly. What does it leave the players with?  

‘The whole deal for me to get out of the football career to make a path of my own. I wanted it to last longer than football, longer than playing on the field. So, I chose the entrepreneurship route,’ says Mazayah. 

The feeling of doing something on your own has its charm. It’s never easy, but the outcomes are exceptionally pleasing. The prominent American footballer gave up his game and, in 2015, entered the world of entrepreneurship by laying the foundation of Vakarui Paris. The brand initially revolved around the idea of having limited-edition footwear made in Italy. Nevertheless, it turned into a successful clothing line. 

Mazayah believed in the idea that clothes must be a reflection of an individual’s personality. The clothes a person wears should make them feel confident in their skin, and they should be able to own it. Following the same philosophy, Mazayah, with his designs, focused on crafting footwear for all personalities. He wanted to create a path of his own and establish himself as a prominent entity in the world, and this what he did!


The founder and owner of Vakarui Paris launched the Zordora Lounge, with an aim to expand his portfolio. He feels a sense of accomplishment about the fact that he can provide people with food. It is a feeling that satisfies him. In addition to that, having the resources and feeding the poor makes him happy and content. According to Mazayah, this is one of the rewarding aspects of his business, fulfilling his goal. 

Defining success and happiness in one’s own terms is the real beauty of creating a path in life. A person does not live by anybody else’s rules. They make their own set of rules, and this is what Mazayah did. But he did not stop there. 

Funrentals305 is another addition to his entrepreneurial portfolio. The company provides automobile services and accessories such as Slingshots, Jetski’s, and boats in Miami. Life is too short not to have fun. Mazayah, through this service, aims to spread positivity and happiness. People rent his vehicles to hang out with family and friends, have fun, and take selfies. This is what his ultimate aim has been, and he is pretty much succeeding in it. 

One of the characteristics that have brought Mazayah close to success is his passion for exploring new opportunities and not quitting until all his goals have been achieved. Working with tenacity and determination while exploring such diverse industries are the attributes worth noticing.  

Mazayah Legend Andrews stepped into the world of entrepreneurship without any prior experience or family background in the field. He started businesses that he has felt a connection with, and the ones that complement his principles. His transition from a footballer to an entrepreneur has been exemplary. The world is already filled with hate and a lot of negativity. Mazayah has the willingness to inspire others and leave behind a legacy. His determination, passion, and ability to work to his fullest potential makes him stand out amongst the rest of the entrepreneurs in today’s times.