Kevin Kent aka Whoiskevinkent freestyles his songs line by line. His uniquely prolific ability to songwrite is absolutely unmatched. His recent latin pop song “Cuerpo” has taken off on TikTok with over 1k content creators helping to make it viral. Popular TikToker’s include @justmaiko and the viral skateboard guy @doggface208. Aware of the ever-changing social climate, Whoiskevinkent has decided to deliver fans one song per week, catering to his newfound fan base of over 25k followers. Label meetings keep him on his toes; meetings with Sony, Universal, etc prove his momentum is going strong.

His recognition from his finalist spot in the Nicki Minaj Megatron Challenge delivered him nationwide recognition. Celebrity endorsements from well known figures like Nick Cannon have propelled his path forward, setting him apart from other emerging Hip Hop acts. 2020 has opened the door to so many opportunities with everyone living at home in the digital age. Ever since quarantine, social media numbers have skyrocketed, putting Kevin’s work at the forefront. The year has been no less than turbulent and while Kevin doesn’t feel as though artists are obligated to use their platform to talk about topical issues, he believes that they absolutely should if they feel compelled. He plans to join the surge in content creation this year starting now, with weekly tracks for fans to look forward to.