We all have our down time to recalibrate but it is essential that consistency is a regular practice in your world. It feels good to set a goal, work through it, and see the amazing outcome.

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Here are five easy tips to help you stay consistent.

1. Create a plan – Whatever your goal is a plan is essential. Create year, month, week, and daily tasks to help you stay focused and aligned with your specific goal.


2. Schedule– Our biggest excuse is we don’t have time. Yes, things will come up, but we all have the same 24 hours in the day. We have to schedule our consistency tasks just like we schedule everything else. Even if you start off at 30 minutes a day and add from there. We prioritize what is important to us. Your future is your priority.

3. Have an accountability partner or group – A few people are aligned with your vision and who support will take you a long way. An accountability partner is important because you have to check in. Some people work better if they have to answer to someone, others need that push. It is motivating to have a crew that is pushing you and growing with you in a positive direction.

4. Stick to it – Don’t quit. Sometimes we need a break to reflect but you have come so far, it doesn’t make sense to give up on yourself. There is a dream planted inside of you it is time to do the work and watch it grow.

5. Measure your outcome – Look back to see how far you’ve come. Look over your goals and accomplishments daily, weekly, and monthly to see how much you have completed. Get your crew and celebrate.