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Odell Beckham Jr will be spending a lot less time at his beloved LSU.

Beckham Jr has been banned from the school’s facility for two years due to a money stunt he pulled after the national championship game back this past January.

Beckham was on the field at the New Orleans Superdome celebrating with LSU when cameras saw him handing out cash to players. LSU initially claimed the money was fake but later retracted that after Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow made it clear the money was real.  LSU later acknowledged it was real cash and said the “payments totaled $2,000,” per Sports Illustrated. 


The ban given to Beckham by LSU is just one self-imposed step the school is taking in an effort to avoid additional NCAA penalties in response to alleged rules violations, according to SI’s report.

LSU is also voluntarily reducing its scholarship count by eight over the next two years.