Miami rapper and reality star Trick Daddy is no stranger to expressing his popular (or unpopular) opinion. Recently unleashing a load of his chauvinistic ideology on Instagram Live, the ‘Nann’ rapper explained why independent women have a hard time finding love. Trick explains that women who work too hard and are too independent won’t appreciate gifts from their men because everything is about the money and Birkin bags. Here are a few of our favorite quotes from Trick’s Daddy’s relationship tips.

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“Don’t be too independent, be careful of all this ‘so independent’…”

“A lot of strong independent women end up lonely and sad…”


“Being an independent woman is a 24hr job you don’t have time for nothing else…”

“Don’t work so much that your man gotta go to somebody else to get satisfied…”

“Y’all’ running around with these Birkin Bags. They didn’t even design that bag for you, they don’t even want y’all with that bag. That’s why they charge so much for it, That’s for the rich white elite and foreign folk. Stay out them people’s business…”

What do you think? Is Trick Daddy right? Do independent women spend so much time working that they neglect love?
Watch Trick’s rant below!