It’s weeks until the 2020 Presidential election and the final debate aired on Thursday night.

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In comparison to the first debate, Joe Biden was a lot more aggressive and took control of the conversation. When asked “Do you understand why African American parents are fearful for their children?”

Trump boldly responded, “Nobody has done more for the Black community than Donald Trump.” He hilariously excluded Abraham Lincoln and said the Obama administration didn’t contribute to prison reform as much as him. But Joe Biden responded with a powerful response that shook the room. “He commuted 20 people’s sentences. We commuted over 1,000. He was trying to get the Central Park 5 executed and none of them were guilty.”


Matia Reyes met Korey Wise at the Auburn Correctional Facility while serving a life sentence. He later confessed to beating and raping Trisha Meili who was jogging in Central Park that day and acting alone. A simple DNA test proved his confession and the rest was history.

They went on to fight for their lawsuit money for years but Ava Duvernay’s When They See Us docuseries introduced this New York horror story to a new generation and brought the men justice.

At the time the Exonerated 5’s attorney, Michael W. Warren said, “I think Donald Trump at the very least owes a real apology to this community and to the young men and their families.”

Check out Two Bees TV’s interview with Korey Wise below as he discusses his clothing line, upcoming book, and staying off of social media.

Trump has yet to apologize and had the opportunity to tonight. Check out some reactions below.

Make sure you go out to vote and vote early if you can.