Carrying out the soul of Detroit, Cannabis Influencer & Music Photographer, Jessica Golich, continues to make a heartfelt mark in 2020. Throughout this year, Jessica has dedicated her platform to partnering with businesses and causes who share her ethos of supporting progressive advocacies, local art, independent artists and using social platforms to advance social and racial justice. Examples include Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit working for criminal justice reform to help release, expunge and help reentry of people in prison for cannabis crimes. Ahead of the 2020 election, Jessica has also partnered up with Next Gen America, a diverse coalition of young people organized to take power by winning elections for progressive candidates.

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Proudly exclusively partnered with Michigan’s Skymint Cannabis, Jessica’s core values align cohesively with the values and ethos of Skymint, Michigan’s largest vertically integrated cannabis company. 

“Being partnered exclusively with Skymint has worked out so well so far and it’s only the beginning of our journey. Skymint as a brand represents and advocates for the values that resonate with me most; Skymint champions LGBTQ+ equality and provides opportunity for representation throughout the company. I have unlocked my highest self through the power of the herb. This is the first time that I have partnered with a brand in which I feel that I can fully express myself without any contractual interference; Skymint encourages me to continue to explore my individuality through the power of our world-class cannabis and the power of my creative mind.” – Jessica Golich


If you haven’t seen Jessica on TikTok yet, now is the time. Through a perfect combo of quirky videos surrounding the culture of Detroit, Rap and Hip-Hop behind the scenes moments, Pop Culture opinions and more, Jessica’s TikTok account has surpassed over 50M+ views and counting. With a background in music journalism and concert photography, Jessica has known the life of an entrepreneur far before solidifying her cannabis influencer status. Jessica is a prominent Music Photographer who has covered major music festivals and events such as Coachella, High Times Cannabis Cup, Forbes Under 30 Summit and more, but with covid putting live concerts off until 2021, she and many other concert photographers alike have had to shift gears during what has been one of the most unique times for the music industry.  

As a young voice of the people, the street and soul of Detroit is laced into Jessica’s creative deliveries which continue to serve the betterment of communities, people and the world.