Smokey Loc is putting New England on his back and moving forward with his new single “All I Know.” Linking with Chicago’s Montana of 300, Loc showcases what is capturing ears across the country in his voice and style, perfectly aligned with the bars of Montana.

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“I’m just trying to do what I love honestly,” Loc said of the new release. “I’m surprised by how much I accomplished in so little time because to me, I never felt like that was something someone like me would be able to do. I’m really out here living my dream. I’ve spent most of my life in and out of jail so it’s just a surreal feeling.”

The new single follows his debut album, Loner, which was available on Valentine’s Day and bringing in a quarter mil on the streaming end.


“As an independent artist, and a new artist. This is pretty big for me. I’m doing this shit with no help. I mean, just two years ago I was on the race from a case, sleeping in my car or where ever I can lay my head. Now I’m traveling all over and making money doing what I love,” Loc added.

Watch the video for “All I Know” below and you can also tap into the single here.