Production giants Da Beatminerz—Mr. Walt and DJ Evil Dee did it again bringing their signature New York sound on ‘The Mecca’ inspired by the new Netflix film The Forty-Year-Old Version.

Writer/director/star Radha Blank touches the unspoken nuances of being a hip hop artist. The song features Nas, Dave East, Styles P, and Ghostface Killah but it’s an appearance from Remy Ma that has the streets talking.
Speaking on her growth as a mom and an MC, Remy’s verse offers exactly what we’ve been missing.

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[Remy Ma:]
Where I’m from, the liquor store is next door to the church and
Couldn’t use the pizza shop bathroom with no purchase
Everybody was hurting, nobody was working
Sheets in the windows, couldn’t afford curtains
Bum dude cut my face, just one of my burdens
Took my own stitches out, no insurance and no surgeon
Now I take private jets on excursions
Now I got a Birkin, now I got a daughter
And she a whole person, she the whole purpose
Now I be tryna write my rhymes with no curses
Ten years from now, don’t want her on the web searching
Seeing mom half-naked on the stage twerking
Nope, the views ain’t worth it
I’m prepping for the day she asks, “Mommy, why they say you shot a person?”
Remy ain’t perfect
But if you ain’t from the streets, my life could be a little hard to interpret
Take the top layer off, right below the surface
I’m so New York, just a 40-year-old version