This week, Ty Dolla $ign released his latest album Featuring Ty Dolla $ign. Amid the high of an album release, Snoop Dogg took the time to give Ty$ his flowers.

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In an interview with Power 106, Ty$ said that Snoop Dogg called him the “reincarnation of Nate Dogg.” Even after his death in 2011, Nate Dogg is still regarded as the “King Of Hooks.” Now it seems as if Snoop has passed that honor over to Ty$.

“I feel blessed, I feel honored,” Ty said. “Nate Dogg was carrying a huge torch and he passed it down. I just talked to my other homie, and he told me he talked to Snoop on his birthday, and Snoop said I was the reincarnation of Nate Dogg. When I heard that, I was like, alright, Snoop saying it? That means everything. Like I said, it’s an honor and I feel blessed to carry that torch. It’ll be passed on again. I just encourage for the next artist out there, be yourself—be a one of one.”


Throughout his career, Ty$ has been compared to Nate Dogg. People often say that without Nate Dogg, there would have been no Ty Dolla $ign. No matter how true that might be, it is still a great honor to be deemed the reincarnation of Nate Dogg by Uncle Snoop.

You can watch Ty$’s reaction below.