The NBA season isn’t as far away as it seems. The league is currently aiming for a Christmas start date, which means the return of Kyrie Irving is coming. The Brooklyn Net will take the court in his latest sneaker, the Kyrie 7.

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Nike has revealed the new shoe, highlighting the cross of “when improvisation meet mastery.”

“For us, being creative means tapping into other disciplines at Nike. Our solutions as designers need to move toward technical advantages,” says Nike Senior Footwear Designer Ben Nethongkome, who designs Irving’s shoes. “Those advantages are what make this shoe better than the last.”


The new sneaker brings a focus to Irving’s new role with the Nets, which will bring a new focus on his ability to distribute. The Kyrie 7 also brings more beneficial features, which will aid in his abilities as an elite ball handler. The new sneaker will help players control how they move in and out of cuts and features a sole unit that wraps up the shoe’s sides to maximize surface traction when changing directions.

The creation was led by the Nike NXT Advanced Design Studio, which shows the data-driven geometry to highlight lanes in his performance. The new sneaker is also lighter than the Kyrie 6, to enhance performance.

The Kyrie 7 features an articulated Nike Air Zoom Turbo unit in the forefoot and silhouette, which includes the signature Kyrie iconography and the names of his mother and daughter.

The initial colorways include the “Special FX,” which highlights his love for filmmaking, “Expressions” for his love of art and freedom of expression, “Icons of sport,” which salutes hardwood heroes, and “Soundwave” that is inspired by Irving’s love for music and how the vibrations influence his game.

The Nike Kyrie 7 will be available beginning November 11 at $140. The BK Black colorway releases on November 23 at $130.

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HO20 BB Kyrie7 PreHeat SpecialFX Hero 01 native 1600
Special FX (film / teal): This colorway pays homage to Kyrie’s love for filmmaking and its power to bring imagination to life. This silhouette is inspired by film techniques and aesthetics and gives a nod to some of the most iconic films in modern history. A green sole reflects the use of “green screen,” the upper is designed with cinematographic film-like layers, the sock liner gives a nod to the red carpet and a gold film camera logo is on the heel.
HO20 BB Kyrie7 PreHeat Soundwave Hero 01 native 1600
Soundwave (music / black & orange): Inspired by Kyrie’s love for music and how the vibrations influence his game. This lively silhouette has a dark-hued upper featuring a wavy pattern that pops with bright, underlying colors. The multi-colored sole captures the energy you might feel watching your favorite artist live in concert or listening to a track that gets you hyped before tip-off. You’ll find a red “soundwave” inspired graphic paired with a music note graphic sitting on a bright yellow heel.
HO20 BB Kyrie7 PreHeat Expressions Hero 01 native 1600
Expressions (art / light purple & blue): This colorway is inspired by Kyrie’s love for art and the freedom artistic expression gives creatives to be themselves. This silhouette sits on a pink pastel sole, featuring a bright, multi-colored brush stroke-styled upper and a tan tongue that references a classic art canvas. The heel has a paint splatter design and a crown graphic that pays homage to the iconic, Brooklyn-born neo-expressionist artist.
HO20 BB Kyrie7 PreHeat IconsOfSport Hero 01 native 1600
Icons of Sport (sport / red): Kyrie’s favorite basketball player was his father, Drederick, but as he grew up his list of hoop influencers has grown and this colorway is inspired by those stars. The red base on the midsole is a nod to the greatest player of all time, while the purple and gold upper, and mamba-like pattern on the heel, reflects the mentality of Kyrie’s mentor. Hints of blue throughout the design pay homage to Kyrie’s college coach. The presence of light gray hues is a nostalgic play on the 90s New Jersey basketball uniforms and on the heel you’ll find a coach’s clipboard graphic that references Kyrie’s iconic, game-winning shot from the 2016 championship.  
HO20 BB Kyrie7 BKBlack Hero 01 native 1600
Kyrie 7 BK Black: This colorway celebrates Kyrie’s home court in Brooklyn, decked out in black and white with pops of bright color throughout saluting artistic voices that have sparked Kyrie’s creativity. The heel features sun and moon graphics, as well as sun logo eyelits, communicating balance in the universe. Kyrie’s mother and daughter’s names are etched on the toes. Top to bottom, the shoe embodies the depth of who Kyrie is as a human being as well as a player.