Odell Beckham Jr. left in the first half of Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals with a knee injury that sidelined him for the day. OBJ was able to walk off the field after the injury.

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Early reports say that Beckham Jr. may have suffered a “major” knee injury which could mean the All-Pro pass catcher may not return this season.

As with every knee injury in sports, the mind immediately goes to a torn ACL, but this diagnosis has not yet been determined. The 27-year-old pass-catcher will undergo an MRI on Monday.


Beckham Jr.’s season with the Cleveland Browns has been less than impressed with 23 catches in 6 games for 319 yards although he does have 4 touchdowns. Sports commentators like ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith suggested prior to his injury that Odell Beckham Jr. should demand a trade while still in his prime. The 3-time pro bowler is currently on a 5-year $90 million contract that he received from the New York Giants in 2018.

Despite his absence most of the game, the Browns were able to close out the Bengals 37-34 with 5 touchdown passes from Baker Mayfield.

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