Legendary Philly rapper Jakk Frost recently spoke on Heltah Skeltah rapper, Sean Price who died in 2015. Jakk recalls learning the news of his death in a late-night phone call from a DJ. Frost had just spoken to the Boot Camp Clik rapper two days prior. Price was 43 years old.

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“Somebody called me like ‘yo… Sean P passed away?’ I was like what the f**k you talking about,” Jakk told DJ Caesar. “That was a rough joint for me because my grandmom had just passed either not too long before or not too long after… me and Sean [Price] was really friends. That joint sent me into a real sad place. That joint was rough.”

An official cause of death was never revealed but from the information that’s available, it was determined that Price died in his sleep. The “Philly Love” rapper also reminisced about a time when the Brooklyn native paid for Jakk to get in a New York City concert venue despite the fact that they were both scheduled to perform.


Price is remembered as one of the kings of New York City’s underground hip-hop scene in the 2000s. His run as 1/2 of Heltah Skeltah, The Boot Camp Clik, and The Fab 5 made Price a certified legend in NYC.