Sasha Obama, the daughter of Barack Obama, has shaken the internet following a video of her rapping the lyrics to Money Bagg Yo’s remix to “Said Sumn” featuring the City Girls.

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A video of Sasha went viral once she sang word for word the lyrics to JT’s verse. When you think of City Girls, you can imagine how the lyrics would be provocative, which is why so many were shocked but loved. This wouldn’t be the first time one of Obama’s daughters shocked everyone.

Just a few years ago, so many were hooked on Malia Obama after she was allegedly seen smoking weed at a music festival. Many were shocked but surprisingly stood by the daughters of Obama and defended them, despite what some may say was inappropriate behavior.


“Leave Sasha Obama alone. Leave Malia Obama alone. It’s half baked racism to not allow the former first daughters to experience culture & things that normal kids (young adults) do,” one Twitter user said.

“Let Sasha Obama be a young girl .. she deserves it…” wrote Loni Love on the matter.

What did you think about Sasha’s performance?