As of right now, Atlanta rapper T.I. may be preparing for his upcoming verzuz battle against Jeezy.

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One of T.I.’s traits is his outstanding vocabulary, the rapper went to bless his wife’s comments with an interesting way of wording how he felt.

Tiny posted a throwback picture of herself to her Instagram that left the “King of The South” to gush over his wife for many years.


“Oooooohhhhhh ooohhh Weee!!!! Lord hammmercy that’s a pretty butterscotch long haired young tender right dare …. fine as frog hair I say…” he begin. UMPH…I coulda ran & laid Down on you sweet thang…UdiggWtfImSayinMane. I’da spent all my lil candy empire profits from my on you now gul!!! Woulda had u climbin in & out a 2story window for this girth muffin!! Ya best believe that JACK!! Tuh.”

Many thought the comment was hilarious after not really being able to understand what the rapper was saying. Maybe that’s not they do it in the south …. or maybe not. Tiny responded to her husband also confused about what he meant but we all get the gist of the comment.

“Sir wth did u just say!? I can not wit u..But I coulda taught u some thangs..u was no where near ready for it tho,” the singer responded with a wink and tounge emoji.

It’s nice to see Black Love at its finest.