Big Boi teamed up with Postmates and World Central Kitchen to provide 150 meals to Atlanta poll workers.

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They received trays full of pan-seared chicken and shrimp tacos, to fuel them so they can continue to keep the democracy going.

Aside from contributing to the 2020 voting initiative, Big Boi has been working on an upcoming television project. “I’ve teamed up with Chris DeBlasio at 850 Entertainment on a project called Government Records,” the Outkast said. “It’s going to be big! Can’t wait to get things moving.”


The plot is about ATF agents working to take down a crime ring ran and operated by a Hip Hop artist in the 1990s.

“This story, although it does fit into the genres of other successful shows, is unique in the way that it brings the worlds of law enforcement, crime and the music industry together – with the task force creating a music studio, building this undercover operation just to bring down one guy,” the show’s creator, Terron R. Parsons added. “It’s essentially a heist movie, except the federal agents are the ones pulling the job. I don’t think we’ve really seen anything from that perspective before on TV.”

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