The United States Postal Service (USPS) has released a statement recommending American citizens mail in their ballots by Tuesday to ensure delivery by your state’s deadline.

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“[O]ur general recommendation is that, as a common-sense measure, you mail your completed ballot before Election Day, and at least one week prior to your state’s deadline,” the USPS says.

The deadline for a majority of states is Election Day, however, in places like Louisiana the ballots must be received by Monday, Nov. 2.


“It is critical that the Postal Service’s delivery standards be kept in mind when informing voters how to successfully participate in an election using the mail,” says USPS General Counsel and Executive Vice President Thomas J. Marshall. “When state and local election officials are making decisions as to the establishment of deadlines and the means used to send a piece of Election Mail to voters.”

You can read their full update message here.