Colorism is an issue that’s prevalent in the Black community. JT from the City Girls opened up about her own experiences with being dark-skinned and dating color struck men.

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“I can’t believe someone I laid with and thought was my friend before anything sat round b**ches and called me black and crunchy,” she tweeted on Monday. “When he say that to me I be thinking be joking but he really feel that way wow!”

The raptress admitted that she used to be insecure about it, but now she loves the skin that she’s in. “I had insecurity issues for a minute but I know I’m that b**ch now! I know I’m pretty dark and all.”


Fans speculated that she was talking about Lil Uzi Vert who she is rumored to be romantically connected to but have yet to confirm or deny it. But she didn’t mention a name.

“It’s so sad that females of brown complexion and darker really get criticized about their complexion. It’s sooo toxic,” one fan tweeted. “Normalize all shades of brown being BEAUTIFUL. Expose all the colorist. It’s even more toxic when its somebody you know.”

Do you or anyone you know received backlash about your skin color?