There may be trouble in paradise between Common and Tiffany Haddish.

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Fans have noticed that the rapper turned actor unfollowed Tiffany, but she has yet to return the love.

But the comedian did post a cryptic message to her exes. “When the real you showed up I was disappointed and disgusted, so please go away forever,” she wrote.


The pair sparked dating rumors in December 2019 after he was spotted at her intimate birthday celebration.

Tiffany Haddish confirmed their relationship during an August interview. “This is hands down the best relationship I’ve ever been in. Knock on wood! I’ve lost 20 pounds since I’ve been in this relationship,” she said. “I feel more confident in me and it’s not him that’s doing it. I’m just way happier and it’s like knowing I got somebody that cares about me, that really has my back. It seems like he does anyways. And I love it. I love him.”

Common also shared some sweet words about the Girls Trip actress. “She’s a wonderful woman…a queen and just a beautiful person, man. You know, I just care for a lot, enjoy her, and um, I’m grateful to have her in my life so yeah. I’m happy!”