Busta Rhymes releases “Look Over Your Shoulder” featuring Kendrick Lamar ahead of Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God. Thus marking the third offering from the new album and Lamar’s first feature of 2020.

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Look Over Your Shoulder” is introduced with a sample from a Jackson 5 original recording on loop, “just look over your shoulder, honey.” Piano keys are played throughout supported by a steady drum beat and orchestral instrumentals, providing a free-flowing joyous sound. Lamar opens with his signature fast yet intricate rap flow on his humble beginnings and challenges he has overcome.

He raps, “I wrote my first bars in the car with Stacy, how bizarre my battle scars at large will lace me.” Rhymes then enters with bars on his career, referring to himself as a “Black king of history.” He raps, “I embody the game to the point n**** scared to rap with me.” He continues the verse embodying the impact he made within music history, “..all the crowns and the medals on the walls, waiting for me to just take them.” Chris Rock closes the track as part of his ongoing narration, “that’s right we got catalogue you understand, this is the mother f***ing human icon out this mother f****er. He can go all day.”