Lil Tjay is back with his new single “Losses” out today on Columbia Records. The new release is produced by Woodpecker and will be found on Tjay’s sophomore album.

The video is directed by Shomi Patwary and reflects on tough situations from his past, but won’t let his “Losses” determine his future.

“Can’t change, I remember what been through
So when I spit no need for pencils
Traumatized, shit be fucking with my mental
I seen some shit I can’t get into

I’m just tryna be somebody influential
A lot of souls I could vent to
My success is not something coincidental”

-Lil Tjay on “Losses”

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“Losses” follows “Mood Swings,” which featured the late Pop Smoke. The second album from the young superstar is set to release later this year.

You can see the video below.