MLB star Yasiel Puig is being accused of sexual battery by a woman who claims he assaulted her at a Lakers game back on October 31, 2018.

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According to documents obtained by TMZ, the woman who is going by the pseudonym Jane Roe, claims that “she was forced into a bathroom and Yasiel Puig grabbed at her trying to take her clothes off, touched her sexual organs during this struggle, and eventually pinned her with 1 arm and used his other to stroke his own penis, exposing himself, and eventually ejaculating.”

She says that she was simply going to the restroom when Puig assaulted her. However, her lawsuit does not state whether she went to law enforcement after the incident occurred.


The woman is suing Puig for sexual battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and false imprisonment. While there is no exact number of how much she is suing him for, sources say that the number is above $50,000.

However, pictures show Puig sitting court-side at the Lakers vs. Mavericks game that night in 2018.