As the 2020 Presidential campaign draws closer and we are less than a week away from electing the next leader of the “Free World,” the city of Chicago is ramping up the support for those casting ballots. 

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Both MLB teams, the Cubs and the White Sox are opening up their facilities for local voters. Now, while you may not be able to vote in person at Sox Park or Wrigley Field, you can drop off your ballot there on Election Day.

Going above and beyond, the Chicago Board of Elections is setting up ballot dropoff boxes at the famed baseball parks. Those voting by mail will be able to bring their ballots to the boxes and leave them there 6 a.m.-7 p.m. Tuesday, according to the Board of Elections.


Wrigley Field’s dropbox will be at the Gallagher Way Gate on Clark Street. Guaranteed Rate Field’s dropbox will be on Shields Avenue north of 35th Street, and it will have drive-up service. Covid protocol must be followed and masks must be worn. 

Representatives urge citizens to understand that the drop boxes at the ballparks will only be available Tuesday, and they should only be used by Chicago voters.

Officials recommend people voting by mail take their ballots to the dropoff boxes rather than mail them in to ensure they arrive on time and are counted for the election. If nothing else, it’s inspiring to see so many polling places popping up in areas where they typically haven’t shown up. The real question is, will this help with the numbers? We shall see! 

Approximately 510,000 Chicago voters have applied to vote by mail, more than four times the city’s previous record high. This is the first election that secured drop boxes have been available to voters, in addition to standard US mail