T.I. is in the news almost every other week for something he either said or did. This time it’s for his medical advice.

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In an interview with Complex host Speedy Morman, T.I. gave his advice on how to beat COVID. Morman asked T.I. if “Tea three times a day keeps the COVID away?”

T.I. responded saying “COVID starts in the throat. If you catch it while it’s still in the throat and you drink warm liquid, the warm liquid [will] wash it down to the stomach where the stomach acid will then kill it.”


T.I. then doubled down on his dubious remarks saying that he would rather strengthen his immune system in case he ever came in contact with the virus rather than take necessary precautions like wearing a mask and staying inside.

“I’d rather boost my immune system to defend me against COVID should I come in contact with it, rather than wear a mask and hide in fear of coming in contact with it.”