Recent polling numbers show Democratic nominee Joe Biden continues to do well in the key battleground states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Florida although Florida remains a tossup.

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A CNN poll released Saturday also contained good news for Biden. He led Trump by four points in Arizona, eight points in Wisconsin, and six points in North Carolina.

Biden’s performance across the electoral map appears to put him in a stronger position heading into Election Day than any presidential candidate since at least 2008 when in the midst of a global economic crisis Barack Obama captured the White House with 365 Electoral College votes and Biden at his side.


Trump’s focus is trying to stop Biden’s pathway to 270 electoral votes. The polls released over the weekend suggest that this will be a difficult, but not an impossible task. But Biden is not slowing down or getting relaxed. 

Biden’s strongest chance to get to 270 electoral votes is with North Carolina and its 15 electoral votes. A CNN/SSRS poll had Biden up by 6 points there yesterday, while the polling average puts the race closer to a 3 point edge. And edge that is strong, but not impossible to overcome for Trump. It will truly depend on how many voters show up and show out. 

With literally two days left, the numbers are fluctuating as ballots are being counted and lines at polls continue to increase in size. We will definitely keep you all posted throughout the next 48 hours as our country decides who will lead us through the next 4-8 years