Everyone had a lot to say about Lil Nas X and his Nicki Minaj costume for Halloween, including 50 Cent and Dave East.

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The “Old Town Road” rapper certainly caught the internet’s attention when he posted as Nicki Minaj for his Halloween costume. The outfit was inspired by Minaj’s hit 2010 single, “Super Bass.” Lil Nas X officially welcomed in Nasvember with his Nicki-inspired costume. This sparked some attention from both 50 Cent and Dave East.

The “Power” producer took to Twitter to send a message to his fellow Queens native, Nicki.


“what the f**k, Nikki come get him !!! lol”

50 could not come to terms with Lil Nas X being who he is, but it did not concern the “Panini” artist at all. Instead he had a stern message and reminder for Curtis Jackson.

“Why you in barb business?”

While Fif is usually the first to either troll or comment on something, Dave East’s comment came as a surprise. East took to his IG story to give his unwanted insight on Nas’ Nicki costume, calling him a “Bati mon.” The term is a slur often used in Jamaican patois to refer to a gay man. The 21 year-old certainly had a message for East, while correcting his patois as well.

“it’s batty man” ni**as can’t even be homophobic the proper way smh butchering the hell out of the patois.

Following his clawbacks, Lil Nas X tweeted a message that echoed everyone to leave him alone. He was only expressing himself as a fan of Nicki Minaj.