We are now just ONE day away from arguably, the most important presidential elections of our time, as Donald Trump and Joe Biden faceoff in the fight for America. In these final days, we see two very different campaigns and characters seeking the vote of the American people. As the media leader in Hip-Hop culture and the trusted voice in the community, The Source has endorsed Joe Biden for President and Kamala Harris as his Vice President choice to lead the United States of America.  In an unprecedented level of early voting, over seventy-seven million voters all across America have voted. The apparent backlash to extraordinary voter suppression coupled with the pent up need for Coronavirus exploration to the polls have created record turnouts.  

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The most pressing issue on the ballot this year clearly relates to the disaster and deadly results of Trump’s mismanagement of the Coronavirus pandemic. Trump knew about the risks and dangers early on yet he did not warn the country about the pandemic. Over 228,000 people died due to this lethal pandemic. Trump keeps denying the obvious problem, the surges, and the fact he is leading super-spreader events in battleground states while he panders for votes.  Ironically, the pandemic, like his poll ratings, seems to not be getting better but actually getting worse. Conversely, the Biden-Harris policies and plans promise to advance the communities across America, including Black and Hispanic people who have been crushed in 2020. The deadly pandemic absolutely has caused a greater loss to the Black and Hispanic communities for many reasons — pre-existing conditions, inadequate healthcare, social distancing challenges, and more.  Trump has offered no compassion for our communities and politicizes it every chance he can, just like he does when these same communities peacefully protest against racial injustice and police misconduct.  While Trump has ignored the pain of our communities at large, he and his administration also seem to have just given up on any chance they can make America healthy again. The White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, recently said in a CNN interview that  “we are not going to control the pandemic.” This was a clear example that the Trump administration has no major plan or will to win against this deadly virus. Nonetheless, that has not stopped Trump and Vice President Pence from traveling all over holding these super-spreader rallies, with few masks, no social distancing, and other health threats in key battleground states like Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada. 

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Biden’s careful and science-based health plans promise to immediately establish a national plan to end COVID-19 and to end the health disparities in these communities that have many people “ridin’ with Biden”. His governance plan lists expanding access to quality affordable health care by creating a public option, reopening Obamacare enrollment, and making sure every person, whether insured or not, will receive free COVID-19 testing and more.  Biden will also build on Obamacare, ensuring lower healthcare costs beyond the crisis. With the COVID-19 numbers marching back up ahead of the election, and most unfortunate predictions that it is getting worse during the upcoming holiday season, this fight is not just a health crisis but also an economic crisis of enormous proportions. The pandemic has negatively claimed enough Black and Hispanic lives. We’re “Rolling with Joe,” for many reasons, including his commitment to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, establishing a national plan to coordinate best health practices, investing in Black and Hispanic communities, and building a diverse pipeline of health care professionals, and following the science.… All reasons to VOTE! 


Let’s get out the vote like never before. Help take those who need your assistance to the polls. Save our communities and let’s build forward, elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, then start immediately to hold them accountable to our interests and needs due to our VOTE!!!