Controversial CEO of WWE Vince McMahon is finally getting his own documentary series.

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Wrestling Observer reports that a multi-part documentary about the life and career of McMahon is coming to Netflix. The series will be produced by Bill Simmons, who previously served as producer of HBO’s wrestling doc Andre the Giant.

The docuseries is set to be one of the highest budgeted Netflix docuseries of all-time. The release date for Netflix’s untitled McMahon project is currently unknown.


McMahon’s career is certainly worth chronicling. His time in charge of the WWE alone could produce endless content. From his early development of WWE to the Montreal Screwjob of Brett Hart that also turned McMahon into an on-air character, going to trial for steroid distribution, and growing to the point that he could acquire his competitor, the WCW.

As you can see, McMahon is no ordinary billionaire and his Netflix documentary will be at the very least interesting.