It’s election day! If you have been paying attention in the media then you may notice the recent endorsements Trump has been getting from creators in the rap industry. Lil Wayne, Lil Pump, Kanye West, and Kodak Black have sadly, all expressed their support for Donald Trump.

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Fans begin to become skeptical at the sudden amount of support being thrown Trump’s way from those in the rap industry. Some figured, there must be a catch. Rich The Kid may have confirmed that theory after putting Trump and his team on blast for allegedly trying to fly Rich The Kid out in support of Trump.  “Jus got a call Trump tryna send me a jet to Michigan. FOH I ain’t no sell out,” the rapper wrote on his Instagram.

The “Plug Walk” rapper posted some more receipts of the alleged text messages. The messages include an opportunity to be surrounded by billionaires, a hotel room, a flight, and more.


Rich The Kid gets to still come to the cookouts.