As the presidential election comes to a close, the right-wing and domestic terrorists appear to get ready to protest and promote acts of rebellion to the results.

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With the writing on the wall, HipHopDX noted Chris Brown issued a statement to his fans: “PLEASE YALL… after this election shit… protect ya families and friends… be smart and safe please… these folks done lost they damn mind.”

And Chris isn’t wrong one bit. By the end of the Thursday (Nov. 5), there should be a clear understanding of the election result as mail-in ballots are closing any leads that President Trump has and appear to completely flip to provide more electoral college votes to Biden.


Across America on Wednesday night several protests occured. Ballot counting sites in Arizona, Michigan and Georgia saw Republican protestors visit the sites demanding for more evidence in ballot counts, while in places like Chicago, protests called for a complete count of every ballot for hard proof to remove President Trump.

You can read Chris Brown’s message below.