Donald Trump is panicking, America. The POTUS fired off a lawsuit to halt voter count in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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The suit is requesting campaign access at the sites where ballots are being processed and counted. The deputy campaign manager Justin Clark said he wants the Pennsylvania case to go to the Supreme Court to determine if ballots submitted three days after Election Day counts.

Trump is trailing behind Biden Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, in Michigan. In Pennsylvania, the POTUS is leading, but the margin is shrinking as more mail-in ballots are getting counted.


There’s no indication of voter fraud or any reason for concern. Trump is just a sore loser.

Pennsylvania alone had 3.1 million mail-in ballots, which presumably takes time to count, and if they’re postmarked by Election Day, they can be counted until Friday.

Donald Trump’s suit will also call for a recount in Wisconsin, a state that already swung in favor of Biden.

This is the best absentee ballot counting operation that Detroit has ever had. They are counting ballots very efficiently, despite the obstructing tactics of the Republicans,” Mark Brewer, former state Democratic chairman who said he was observing the Detroit vote counting as a volunteer lawyer.

Early projections indicate the Vice President Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States with his VP, Kamala Harris.