Lil Pimp, I mean Pump, is getting a resurgence in headlines. The rapper that is known for “Gucci Gang” and not much else, popped up on the campaign trail with Trump and led to a collective eye roll across the nation.

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With Trump appearing to be near the end of his reelection bid, Hip-Hop is still scratching their head at Pump’s cameo. Russ has the answer to the “why?” question that is circling online: Hip-Hop fans.

And guess what? He may be right. The blame isn’t solely on fans though. Many festivals gave and continue to give Lil Pump a platform to perform, rappers such as Kanye West embraced him on music, and for some reason, J. Cole found a need to sit down with him and make amends. Not to mention publications and personalities have found a reason to acknowledge his presence.


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