MMA legend Tito Ortiz had himself a good Election Day.

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Ortiz on Tuesday won a seat on the city council in his hometown of Huntington Beach, Calif. Huntington Beach, aka “Surf City,” had three seats available with 15 candidates on the ballot. 

Ortiz received 22,791 votes (11.8 percent), which was good enough to finish third. Ortiz, Natalie Moser, and Dan Kalmick all won the election according to results from The Los Angeles Times.


The focus of Ortiz’s campaign was to “Make Huntington Beach Safe Again.” Ortiz has used his hometown as part of his branding throughout his professional career. Ortiz still lives in the Huntington Beach community, he also owns a gym called Punishment Training Center located within the community.

Ortiz was one of the first bonified UFC stars. His long stem rivalry with Chuck Liddell helped put the UFC on the MainStage map it is on today.