While President Trump continues to push false narratives toward mail-in ballots, former Vice President Joe Biden is pushing past him in Pennsylvania and Georgia. Early morning results on Friday (Nov. 6), show Biden has completely eliminated Trump’s lead in both states while building his own, essentially canceling any chance for Trump to win those states.

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ABC News reports as of 8:50 a.m. ET Friday that Biden has 3,295,304 votes in Pennsylvania, while Trump is at 3,289,717, equating to a difference of 5,587 votes. There are still 135,000 ballots left to be counted, however, ballots have returned heavily in favor of Vice President Biden.

Early Friday, Biden took the lead over Georgia with 99% of the state reporting. Biden has 2,449,371 votes while Trump has 2,448,454, showing the path for Biden to be the first Democratic president to win the state since 1992.


Georgia’s voting system implementation manager is ensuring the state will count “every single legal vote” despite the cries for President Trump to stop the count.

“We’ve had reports of specific things, we sent investigators out looking for specific evidence and, the reality behind those, we always get those in every election — it’s a normal thing. We have not seen anything so widespread that it could potentially effect the outcomes,” Sterling said on Good Morning America.

“The counties are being diligent, they are working hard, they are all exhausted. But we feel like they’re doing a good job and treating everybody fairly,” he added. “Our goal is to count and report every single legal vote.”