We continue to send our thoughts and prayers to DaBaby and the Kirk family. The “Rockstar” rapper recently lost his older brother to suicide earlier this week. In his 2019 song “Intro,” he mentioned his brother and what he would give up to see him happy.

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Since his tragic lost, he has increased his effort to echo the importance of mental health awarness. He urged the importance of checking on your people, in addition to seeking professional help for depression and any mental health illness. DaBaby looks to see a therapist as well.

“If you can’t get over depression GET HELP, you see a loved one struggling get them help, they refuse the help, MAKE em get treated anyway. You suffer from PTSD take that shit serious & get help! I’m bouta get a therapist my damn self!


We all encounter hardships throughout life. While those time are tough, being surrounded with love can help one to persevere. DaBaby’s brother, Glen Johnson, is the second loss in the past year, following his father’s death last year. Glen was 34 at the time of his passing.

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