Wednesday evening, a riot was declared and the Oregon National Guard was activated in response to demonstrators smashing windows in downtown Portland.

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The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office declared a riot at about 7 PM after rioters were seen smashing windows at businesses. In the “ interest of public safety”, Gov. Kate Brown activated the use of the state National Guard to help local law enforcement manage the unrest, according to the sheriff’s office.

In a statement released Thursday, Gov. Brown said she would do everything in her power to keep the peace in Portland.


“Two groups gathered in downtown Portland last night,” Gov. Brown said in a statement Thursday. “One group demonstrated peacefully for hours by the waterfront. Their clarion call advocating for racial justice and Black lives has resonated with Oregonians and driven real reform over the past several months.

“Unfortunately, a second group of self-styled anarchist protesters, some armed, also marched downtown last night, with no discernible goal other than to cause violence and vandalism.”

Local looting and pockets of violence are popping up around the country. So far, rioting has only been reported in Portland. We are praying for everyone is safe as we get closer to finding out who will be President for the next 4 years.