With the Pennsylvania lead in the possession of Joe Biden and still growing, the presidential reelection bid for Donald Trump appears to be dead.

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As of reporting, Biden has 253 electoral college votes. CNN reports if the numbers hold and Biden takes the state it officially closes the door on Trump. Without the state, Trump has no chance of winning.

There are five additional states at play, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina. Of those, Trump is ahead in Alaska and North Carolina, while the other three would provide an extra stamp of American approval to the victory for Biden.


Throughout Thursday, The Trump Administration worked to attempt to stop the counting of votes and try to shift the narrative of mail-in ballots to make them appear illegal. The efforts have been futile as officials in the areas that are still being counted have provided transparency to their process.

The road to 270 is clear for Biden, however, Trump is still refusing to concede.