The Covid crisis has caused financial turmoil for thousands of Americans. And that turmoil doesn’t mind who it hits. This time, it takes its aim at hip hop. 

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Rapper Future is currently being accused of submitting fraudulent information about his finances to the court and his child’s mother, Eliza Reign wants him found in contempt of court.

According to court documents, Eliza’s lawyer is asking the court to sanction Future for his behavior in the child support battle. Which she says has been disrespectful and not leading to the two coming to a solution regarding their child. 


Eliza says Future has presented lies to the court about his state of affairs. She says he downplayed his lavish lifestyle in an attempt to have the court lower his child support obligations.

This is a movie we’ve seen before from other entertainers. And it’s hard for artists like Future to hide finances especially while showing off on social media. We will keep our eyes and ears on this as more details are made available.

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