You’ve started on your weight loss journey, developed healthy habits, and you see great changes in your lifestyle. Congratulations, you are on your way to a healthier you. Just a few pounds away from your goal, frustration sets in because the weight loss has plateaued. Here are three tips that will help you shed those last stubborn pounds.  

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1. Be gentle with yourself: You’ve come a long way. You and your body have been through many changes and a new relationship with each other. As you develop into your new version of you, it is natural to see the old you. Be gentle and embrace your new and improved self. Practice positive self-talk and know that the last few pounds are slower to shed in the process towards your goal weight.

2. Change your workout: Our bodies can get used to doing the same exercise. Try to completely switch up your workout for two weeks using different muscles in different ways.


3. Mindful munching: Be sure to keep your diet balanced and snacking healthy. Eating a lot of high fiber foods, fruits, and vegetables will help your overall health. If you are running errands for a day try to pack your lunch and a snack with you. This helps you plan and keep your healthy options.

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