Saturday Night Live aired the same day the results from the election were finalized, making Biden the president-elect, and Trump a one-term president. This means that for the next four years Jim Carrey and Maya Rudolph will reprise their roles as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and Alec Baldwin will have to retire his role as Donald Trump.

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And Alec Baldwin is happy about it.

The 30 Rock actor took to Twitter to show his enthusiasm over losing his job. “I don’t believe I’ve ever been this overjoyed to lose a job before!” he Tweeted.


He then added it would be nice to have a president that doesn’t tweet as much as he does.

He then concluded his string of tweets with a picture of him as Trump holding a sign saying “You’re welcome.”

Baldwin had been playing Trump since 2016. Since then he won a Primetime Emmy for his impersonation in 2017 and was nominated again in 2018.

The episode that aired this past Saturday was hosted by no other than Dave Chappelle, who also hosted the post-election results episode back in 2016 after Trump won the presidency. His monologue after the Trump victory might go down as one of the best SNL monologues ever, and it was only right to have him back after this election.