NLE Choppa claims to be tapped into a higher vibration in order to see certain things.

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King Von’s shocking death on Friday (Nov. 7) sent a sad wave throughout the Hip-Hop community. The Chicago rapper was only 20 years old with a life and career ahead of him. Shortly before his death, he released his debut studio album, Welcome To O Block.

One of Hip-Hop’s most promising young stars is NLE Choppa. Choppa is an adamant advocate for spiritual, emotional, and physical elevation within the Black community. Earlier this year, the Memphis rapper even vowed to omit violence from his music.


Choppa took to Twitter on Sunday (Nov. 7) to share his experience. According to the “Shotta Flow” rapper, he claimed that King Von’s spirit paid him a visit during meditation.

“On everything Von visited me last night while in meditation,” he started. “I was calling his name while I was doing it, then my computer suddenly came on and lit my room up then it finally cut off. I started to hear my dog move around my room too. Watts crazy tho is how he woke me up. When I finally got up to go to my attic the door was wide open and studio next to it door was closed.

“This just let you know physical he ain’t here but in spirit he is. I was in tears before I prayed and meditated on it and bro came visited me. On god I couldn’t make this up. Bruh I’m the only one in this house and Kingston in his cage. On my daughter this morning it was foot steps above me in the attic and knocking as if he was knocking on the floor above. Once I woke it continued I looked outside my window and everything thinking I’m trippin.”

Not everyone was receptive to Choppa’s tweets. Many felt as if he was doing so for attention. The criticism led him to delete his initial tweets completely. It turned NLE Choppa off completely.

“Done tryna let mfers know that we more than our physical state and that everyone actual has psychic type powers. Every conversation ain’t for everybody tho im off this shit.”

As Choppa continues to elevate his mental frequency, he encourages other to do the same. At the same token, many grieve the lost of King Von.