With the COVID-19 pandemic’s numbers reaching new heights, Pfizer has announced a new vaccine that has successfully prevented 90% of infections. According to TIME, the number is a more positive result than expected.

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The analysis is based on 94 cases of infection with SARS-CoV-2 and treatment across vaccine and placebo groups. For emergency approval or authorization, the aim was for 60% effectiveness. The trail data included 38,955 of the total 43,538 volunteers who enrolled.

The vaccine was a tandem effort with German company BioNTech and revealed they will continue to monitor volunteers for the next couple of weeks, bringing the total time of monitoring to two months. That timeline will match the approval window for the Food and Drug Administration.


President Trump tweeted the news and stated the “Big Vaccine” is “coming soon.” Current reports do not provide a date that the vaccine could be available.