Jordan Peele has become one of the most innovative film-makers of the 21st century. His directorial debut in 2017, “Get Out,” led to his first Academy Award. It also became a box office blockbuster, grossing over $255 million worldwide. “Get Out” ended the year as the 10th most profitable film of 2017. Its 2019 follow-up, “Us” achieved similar box office success and praise for its screenplay. Peele is also serving as a writer for the upcoming Candyman sequel in 2021.

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While Peele has recently lended his talents as a producer on both Lovecraft Country and Hunters this year, he looks to release another seat-edging horror film in 2022. Hollywood Reporter says that the multifaceted film-maker is set to release his next film on July 22, 2022. No other details have been announced following the release date, but movie goers can certainly save the date. 2022 is setting up to be a blossoming year for the film industry and many others, following a setback due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Peele signed a lucrative five-year feature deal with Universal Studio back in Oct. 2019.