A woman from Chicago slid past multiple layers of security and somehow boarded a plane without a ticket at O’Hare Airport, hoping to fly to Los Angeles to meet none other than Jay-Z. 

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Yaazmina Payton was arrested at the Chicago airport early Sunday after the 23-year-old was identified as the woman who “boarded an airplane without proper documentation,” police said in a statement.

Prosecutors told a judge Monday, that Payton was caught ducking under ropes at a Terminal boarding door near the ticket gate. Payton was attempting to fly to Los Angeles when someone alerted a ticket agent, according to the Chicago Tribune. 


After being arrested for the violation, Payton told investigators she pushed past a gate into a secure area at the airport as Transportation Security Administration officers were distracted. 

Assistant State’s Attorney Jocelyn Schieve told a judge Payton confessed to storming past another security checkpoint and claimed she was trying to get to Los Angeles to see Jay-Z. Payton was eventually released on $500 bail. 

A spokesperson for O’Hare told reporters, “The safety and security of all travelers are our top priority,” adding “We are investigating this incident and cases of this nature can take up to 90 days.”